50’s Jive is Joy

Wisdom of the month: Connecting with the older generation is beautiful and totally underrated! On the 24th March, the astronauts left the Rocketship and headed out to spend their Friday morning with the glorious people of the Haven Old Age Home in Woodstock. What did our task #46 ‘Throw a 50’s party at a retirement village’  have in store for them? 50’s costumes, music boxes, a rad playlist and a ton of #JoyToShare!

The Haven Old Age Home is not your regular Retirement Village. Most of the lovely residents have experienced major trauma and losses. They’ve lost their homes, income, spouses, children and many of them their physical health too. Coupled with the nature of progressive ageing, they’re even more vulnerable. The Haven Homes is a place where these people can spend their golden years – away from hunger and loneliness.

With a bunch of No Danger Rangers we jumped into our swingy skirts and classy vests and put on the 50 tunes. The oldies were already sitting all around the beautiful garden, very excited about what was happening next. When they recognized the first song from their teenage years they started smiling, singing and clapping their hands. Not even the fact that they couldn’t stand up from their wheelchairs stopped them from having fun with us. It was truly overwhelming to see how joyful they were just watching us dance. Beside old stories, hugs and biscuits, we also improved our 50’s jiving skills – our chicken dance is on an especially impressive level now!

Something that really touched us was the Manager saying afterwards: “These people are the forgotten ones. They have nobody to visit them.” We all learnt a lot in these few hours – about being happy with the little you have and that smiles and nice words are ageless. If you still have your grannies or an old-age home near to you, please take some time to show these beautiful souls how precious they are!


Thank you so much to the Haven Old Age Homes for having us and for giving these people a home to spend their sunset years – years that nobody should have to spend on the streets! And another huge thanks to all of our lovely friends for joining us. Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible to #ShareTheJoy in such an epic way!

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