50s Party at a Retirement Village

Nestled away just outsiyes-17de of Plettenberg Bay, Strombolis Retirement Village is where the No Danger Diaries crew decided to throw a 50’s party on the 4th day of our annual road trip.

Dolled up in our 50’s garb, provided by the ever supportive Annie’s Angels, we were ready to share in some joy through a little music, movement and a cup of tea. Little did we know that we were in for an absolute treat! Not only were we privileged enough to learn some groovy new bopping and jiving moves, we also got to listen to some pretty rad age-old stories too!

With quizzical faces, but open hearts, it was clear to see that an elder generation was mulling over the concept and core of what No Danger Diaries is and to our surprise, many of them even asked for our web address! ‘How tech savvy are these dudes!’, we thought.yes-15

After a few more swirls and twirls, the only fitting way to end of such a special day would be to do so with curtsies, bows and doffing of caps. Oh and a few scones and tea of course. 😉 

We absolutely loved the chance we got to connect and engaged with the elderly. How often do we actually take the time to hang out with old people if they aren’t our own grandparents? Almost never! We highly recommend it!


Perhaps you have something wonderful you’d like to share with an older generation near you? The don’t hesitate to pop us an email at hello@nodangerdiaries.com



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