5500 Trees, One Weekend

Spending a weekend camping, dancing, and planting 5500 baby trees with a few hundred loving, joyful, and earth conscious friends: sounds pretty rad, right? Well, thanks to our good friends at GreenPop, a few members of our team were able to do all of the above and more last month.

GreenPop’s annual Reforest Fest Friends Weekend went down in the Platbos Forest Reserve this past March 17-19. The weekend getaway centered around reforesting Platbos’ indigenous forest, which had been largely damaged by fires and farming in the past. This year, after a full Saturday of digging, planting, mulching, and digging some more, the 5500 saplings planted marked the completion of the nearly decade long reforest Platbos mission. This means that the deforested areas of Platbos Forest are now entirely replanted, and the future of GreenPop’s festival will take place in a new area desperate for some fresh trees.

Planting 5500 trees sounds pretty time consuming, but dedication and top-notch teamwork enabled the festival-goers to enjoy much more than just the gardening work. The rest of the weekend was filled with beautiful music, delicious vegan foods, pure agave tequila, inspirational talks and demos, yoga, workshops, crafts, shopping, eco bricking .. the list goes on and on! We are so thankful for everything GreenPop does for the environment and our community. The No Danger team had so much fun getting involved again this year – and we look forward to the many Reforest Fests to come! We can’t wait to replenish many more deforested areas over the coming years; we hope Reforest Fest will grow and live on to see our entire beautiful planet reforested.

Love planting trees and having fun? Check out GreenPop’s Reforest Fest Friend’s Weekend page, and keep an eye out for next year’s plans! Or get involved in other ways.



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