Cycle to the Burn

For the second year running, the No Danger crew cycled to Afrika Burn from Cape Town. The mission was to become the official ‘carbon neutral’ journey to the Burn. There were 12 intrepid adventurers this time around which saw 4 days and 300 kms of cycling. The journey threw its fair share of heat, blisters, sweat, tears, punctures and nosebleeds at the crew but none of that could outweigh the feeling of pure adventure and excitement experienced along the route. I believe it was Grant ‘Futureman’ Ross that said ‘A road without end is the best way to keep fuelling the adventurous spirit’

The giveback for this journey was originally intended to be “do the cycle with a ‘lesser abled adventurer’ “. We wanted to find somebody who couldn’t necessarily have made this journey on their own and help them make it through team work and hard work! After contacting most of the paraplegic associations in the Western Cape and after Afrika Burn got involved to ask their community, we found an intrepid adventurer willing to do it! However, at the last minute he had a family emergency which meant that our special custom bike never got to be used this year. We’re still keen to try again next year, it’s even on our task list:

Our Motto is “Have fun and Make a difference” so we had to find a give back which is at the end of this article. In the meantime, the adventure looked like this…

Day 1: Cape Town to Calabash Bush Pub and Campsite. 72kms. We started late on the Sunday morning. We fought a headwind and some city traffic before weaving our way though the Durbanville hills and on to Wellington. Breakfast at a pad stall before we tackled the mighty Bains Kloof pass. Legs tingling we got over just after lunch. Easy ride down the other side to Calabash. Set up camp and beer time!

Day 2: Calabash to Klondyke cherry farm: 55kms. Early up and out with the rising sun. Shorter day but 2 massive mountain passes to tackle. First was Mitchells pass up into Ceres. Lunch there and stock up on all necessaries before we headed northwest and into the Tankwa. Second pass was even more epic as we climbed the escarpment and said hello to the Matroosberg. Cherry farm camp. Beer and braai!

Day 3: Cherry farm to Bush camp in the middle of nowhere! 85km Great start to the day as we dropped into the karoo. Tar became dirt, sweat became smiles and the city became a distant memory. After a long hot day we stopped in the middle of nowhere to set up camp. Epic night under the stars as the excitement grew amongst the crew. Tomorrow we arrive.

Day 4: Nowhere to everywhere! 70kms. Easy ride in. there before lunch! Let’s explore…

So, we’ve decided this really is the best way to get to Afrika Burn. One feels like he/she can let go of all the city stresses and strains before enjoying a week of fun and fantasy at the incredible AB! What was originally set out as a task to cycle with a differently-abled adventurer, because we didn’t find anybody our give back changed to “Give a child a bicycle and teach them to ride”. It’s already a No Danger task of ours and because some of the cyclists donated their bikes we’re now lined up to complete the task this year!

We are super excited about this task coming to life so if you have any suggestions for it, and for the cycle next year, please email us at


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