Get undressed as fast as you can


We’re sure that by now you’re familiar with our culture, specifically the bit that lets us work hard, but play just as hard! Something that reminds us of this every week is Random Activity Wednesday, better known as RAW. A mandatory calendar appointment, run by a different member of the team each week, that allows us an hour of business-unrelated FUN.

Last month´s favourite RAW saw the No Danger crew getting naked on the streets of Cape Town. As part of the Monthly Intern Task, we put on as many clothes as we could and then donated them to the homeless, one layer at a time. The challenge was this: “Undress as fast as you can and donate clothes while you do it”. One would say we were like walking mannequins getting undressed around Cape Town City Central.

The winner of this rad task was Sir Grant Ross. He was by far the fastest undresser and donator (being a seasoned adventure racer we weren’t surprised!) and also the one who finished the most ‘naked’ (ending the task in just his underwear!).

We loved this new way of having fun and making a difference and can’t wait for next month already! Watch this space for what we get up to next…



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