Life on Leave

Onboard the Rocketship, our individual astronauts are no exception to our joy-sharing mission! As per the No Danger vision: “the world of No Danger … fully supports us all in living our absolute personal truths.” Curious about our team members’ personal truths? Check out what some of us have done these past couple months on our deeply encouraged and highly necessary holidays.

Marvelous Meg recently took leave for a week to participate in the Midmar Mile swim race in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This annual event is one of the world’s largest open water swim races, with 1570 participants this year… so naturally, Meg braved the choppy conditions to finish in the top 14% of competitors! Completing 1,6 km in just 30 minutes 10 seconds, Meg was no rookie to the Midmar – this was her 13th time completing the race. GO MEG! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

“All my friends are getting married.” – Groovy Granty. Grant hasn’t taken leave for much other than weddings in quite some time. He just returned from a venture out to the Karoo for his seventh wedding attendance in the past few months… needless to say, our V-day task was not Grant’s only dose of lovin’ recently!

Mighty Matty has just returned from a two week leave to #Livethelife (he) loves. Our nature man spent a good chunk of his relaxation time retreating to an isolated little paradise on the Breede River with his fluffy canine son Cosmo, where they spent the nights staring into the galaxy (and, knowing Matty, communicating in a language that makes sense only in his head). Now he’s back in the Rocketship clear-eyed and content with the world. Now that’s some joy!

Darling Daniel is currently getting his meditation on at a ten day silent Vipassana retreat in Worcester. Focused and phoneless, he’s unable to update us on his experience thus far, but we can’t wait to meet the new, improved, and ever more enlightened Dan Cam upon his return in about a week. Sending love and good vibes from the Rocketship as he moves through this journey!

Want to learn more about our incredible astronauts? Check out their bios on our blog, or come by our next events and say hey!                      



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