Meet Julia

Meet Julia Leikin, our American Rocketship Baby and Finance intern, who enriches us not only with her skills and hands-on mentality, but above all with the good vibes she’s spreading. It’s a pity that you can’t add sounds to text, because Julia was born in the wrong body: in fact she was meant to be a cute and multi-colored songbird, which she proves everyday with beautiful (and free!) live-concerts. Our little sunshine is also a little bundle of energy and has, in the 4 weeks she’s here now, definitely seen more of Cape Town’s hiking trails than many South Africans.

Even if she seems to be a Capetonian, walking down the streets of Cape Town so chilled and naturally, she was originally made in Maryland. Our little Juls is on a study break from university (“yeah it is almost like in the movies, sometimes worse”) and is almost finished her Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Sustainability. Her goal is to combine both topics to make the world a better place. W O W, right? What a difference-making new astronaut!

Julia, we are so happy you’re in the ship with us! Thank you for brightening up our days with your smiles and warmth, we hope you have an unforgettable time here. <3

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