Meet Steffi

Meet Steffi Albrecht (aka Sunburn Steffi), our newest and most German intern on board the Rocketship! Sunburn Steffi earned her nickname when she came in on her first day with a bruuutal burn so bad it made her eyes swell up…ohhhhh Steffi. But don’t worry, she’s all good now: “my new skin is so soft, like a baby butt!

Steffi impressed us all right away with her sweet smile and genuine kindness to those around her. She is an absolute natural at #SharingTheJoy, which she has demonstrated since even just her first hours on board the ship. Whether she is connecting naturally with complete strangers on the street or making the whole team laugh with her German rapping, Steffi is always bringing out happiness in those around her. Not to mention, she is positively brimming with PR inspiration to shoot word of the No Danger mission into the stratosphere.

With a bachelor’s degree in communications strapped under her belt, Steffi is here in SA following her passion for doing good and spreading love to the world. After her time on the Rocketship (please don’t go), she’ll be heading home to Germany to knock the socks off another internship before pursuing her Master’s degree…that’s our smart little cookie!
Steffi, your hands-on, independent attitude and rad ideas are rocket fuel for all of us. We look forward to what you have in store in the coming months!

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