National Secret Sunrise Instructors Training

 Good news for Sunrise Seekers out there: The love for our early morning dancing session is growing and flowing! As the Secret Sunrise Fever is infecting people all over South Africa, we even have early morning dances down the Garden Route now! Perfect timing for us to enlarge the tribe with instructors from all over this incredible country we call our home.

On our very first NationaI Training Retreat, we welcomed 11 beautiful humans to the Midlands in KZN to share everything we know about creating the morning magic. Settled in a french cottage next to a trout dam, the weekend had the perfect conditions to go down as the most epic training weekend in Secret Sunrise history.

Even the tribal elders (SS originals) came to let our in trainees on the secret behind the movement. In addition, esteemed leaders, facilitators and instructors from across the country spread their techniques on how to be the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be. Alan Strydom from HeartMathSA presented the science and reason behind Self-Regulation, while Nicola Jackman from The Joy Movement empowered them as new instructors to hold joy space. Dr Kazlette Kiepel, also known as Dr Kazi, guided through an interactive Authentic Relating programme that will include Systems Theory, Using Your Body As A Tool, and Servant Leadership.

But wait… something important is missing – right? Of course our newbies have also been trained on putting together epic mixtapes, to use their voices properly and to find songs that underline the emotions coming up in a sunrise session.

Beside the training lessons the weekend was also aimed at building a strong sense of community – the real essence of Secret Sunrise. Sitting in front of the dam after a vibrant training day and chatting with the tribe, our hearts certainly swelled with pride and joy for the new friendships and mentors that had flourished.

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