Not so Random RAWs

Random Activity Wednesday – the No Danger way to celebrate the balance between work and play … and a chance to appreciate the amazing people we get to not only work with but also play hard with too!

After we received the news of the HoutBay Fire that took place at the beginning of March, we knew that our purpose to #ShareTheJoy was needed more than. Our weekly RAW following the fire acted as a way to activate our Cape Town community to support those affected. We kindly asked our No Danger Family to bring anything they had to donate into our RocketShip, so we could drop it off at the Imizamo Yethu Settlement. With even a donated bed on the back of Matty’s bakkie, we made our way to HoutBay! A huge shout out needs to go to the beautiful people from the Ambleside School of Hout Bay who were putting so much energy into sorting all the donations. It wouldn’t have been possible for us to to realise this RAW without you!

As you might already have noticed, the Workshop Fever infected our whole Rocketship team. We love having inspiring individuals around us who open our eyes for new ways of making No Danger Diaries even more powerful – and above all JOYful. A few weeks ago, the Universe brought us the Master of Behavioural Economics: Mr. Ruben Hazelzet. This Dutch smartiepants opened up the world of behavioural science to us by showing us simple ways behavioural change can be achieved in a sustainable way. Thanks for such a rad workshop, Ruben. We can’t wait to put these tools into practice to help us share more joy sustainably!

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