Organisations Sharing Our Space

One of the biggest joys of working with No Danger is the incredible people and organisations that cross our path regularly. There is so much that falls into our mission of spreading joy, and we love broadening our horizons by sharing our space and working alongside these superheroes.

In December, we had the privilege of working with the lovely people of HOKISA home, which provides a home and growing space for children affected by HIV and AIDS. Thanks to our community who brought wrapped Christmas gifts to our Secret Santa Sunrise, we were able to #ShareTheJoy with some beautiful children. HOKISA, thank you for everything you do for our children!

The lovely ladies of Nourish’d Cafe & Juicery graced our space with their presence at our Secret Sunrise Dock Tails event, where they sold the most delicious and nutritious home made juices. Their fresh juice and ridiculously good almond milk gave us all the energy kick we needed after a hearty early morning dance. Sharing joy starts with us, and a happy body makes for a joy-filled life! In fact, I think we’re craving some juice right about now..

Oh, Greenpop. Where to begin? We have been sharing our space with this stellar organisation for a long time, and we absolutely love their mission and vibe. Recently, they have been around our events working to spread awareness of their upcoming Reforest Fest, a two weekend event centered around loving our Momma Earth and connecting with each other in a beautiful forest. What could be better? How about planting over 5000 trees while you’re there. WOW. We are certainly picking up what Greenpop is puttin’ down. Keep grooving, guys.

Have a rad idea or organisation? Chat with us and tell us about it, and come share our space! We are always, always looking for new avenues for sharing the joy.



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