Organization of the Month: Street Sleeper

Connections and community are some of the things that we as No Danger value as most important on this planet. In this case we would like to introduce you to another member of our wonderful community.  The Street Sleeper. What’s the idea behind it? The organization takes old advertising billboards which are destined for the trash and upcycles them into survival bags for homeless people. The bags are washed and cut by the homeless, they’re sewn by the community and when it comes to distribution, Oliver Brain, founder of Street Sleeper sets up unique events aimed at reconnecting people of Capetown. We love the energy and passion behind this idea because it’s not only the end, but the process which makes a difference. You get a big high five from us at No Danger.

If you want to follow him on twitter @StreetSleeperSA or if you want to be part of this amazing journey, you can donate a bag for a homeless person on his homepage




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