Painting workshopping for RAW

On Wednesday’s in the ship, we make a concerted effort to implement the phrase, ‘work hard, play harder’. This comes in the form of a long standing calendar appointment, RAW, which pops up every week and is compulsory in every way for all members of the team. RAW, Random Activity Wednesday, reminds us not to take life too seriously, take a step back from the computer and to incorporate play into our every day. These activities can be as simple as Mitch (our intern) bringing along two guitars and an amp for us to rock out on for an hour or two.


Sometimes though, our RAW’s are a little bit more structured. Sometimes they involve other members of our rad community popping in and sharing an epic skill with us. Our most recent RAW had us doing just this. We were lucky enough to have Shanti, a beautiful human in more ways than one, organising a Movement and Paint workshop with us in the ship. She walked us through two hours of creativity and self expression like never before. We danced, we painted, we laughed and most importantly we engaged in some of the most radical self exploration we’ve done to date. Starting at one end of the colour spectrum and ending at the other, Shanti led us on an journey of associating colours with feelings, emotions, words and movements. 

For the full album of pics from this RAW, click here.

Are you desperate to join us for our next RAW? or Perhaps you have something really rad you’d like to share with us? Let us know at

raw-painting-pic-1 raw-painting-pic-5 raw-painting-pic-4 raw-painting-pic-2



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