Pop-up slippery slide

yes-17-1Whoever thought a 30m strip of black plastic, a bucket of water and some organic liquid soap could kindle such joyful smiles from such little people!? 

We certainly didn’t, but we weren’t scared to try! So off ventured the No Danger Diaries crew on the 3rd day of the annual road trip, to add a tad more splish-splash into some little humans’ lives with a Pop-Ip slippery slide in an informal settlement.  In order to accomplish this, we first had to find a sloped, grassy area (much trickier than it sounds!), as well as the little people themselves. And it was only a matter of time before both were found within reasonable  proximity to each other. 😉

Young energy is inquisitive and raw and brave. Nervously veering closer with hushed giggles, in no time the kids were eagerly shoot-1-1huddled around; helping set-up the slip ‘n slide, asking questions and impressing all with their flips and tricks. 

Once set up and ready to slide away, these all too eager little humans were told how to tackle and stay safe when slippin’ down the slide. What started off as a group of 10 sliders, grew in size, volume and energy levels.                                                                                             shoot-4

This sun-filled, slippery day got our crew thinking, in more ways than one: 

1) It really is the simple stuff, the small actions that count.

2) Having FUN is CONTAGIOUS and plants seeds of goodness. 

3) #ShareTheJoy always, and whenever you can!

Do you have a safe, sloped area in mind? With other little humans that would like toshare in slidin’ and smiling? Why not try it yourself! We’d love to see you #ShareTheJoy



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