RAW: History on our doorstep

IMG_5776Sometimes the history and culture of our country is right under our very noses but we get so caught up in our lives and everyday mundaneness to notice it. This is one of the reasons we created RAW here at No Danger. So that we’re forced to get out of our routine, out of our comfort zones and learn something new.

Last month’s RAW had us engaging with a very important part of Cape Town’s history just 200m down the road from our very own RocketShip. The District Six Museum.

IMG_5780 (1)A mere R30 entrance fee gives you access to a whole new world inside this museum. The walls are plastered with a collage of story telling. Stories of both joy and pain, laughter and tears. Stories that are so much a part of our lives today as they were then, but that so many of us are completely unaware of. This special museum had our team leaving feeling humbled and enriched with the knowledge of what so many people right on our doorstep experienced just 30 years ago.

We highly recommend you get yourselves out of your comfort zones and take a trip down to the District Six museum sooner rather than later. Because together, we can collectively reclaim the spirit of our country. #ShareTheJoy <3



Covered by the dust of defeat –

Or so the conquerors believed

But there is nothing that can

Be hidden from the mind

Nothing that memory cannot

Reach or touch or call back”

Don Mattera, 1987



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