Secret Sunrise 1st Birthday

12523105_1103016709731952_7513241305578875128_nWe cannot believe that just one year ago, our Secret Sunrise movement was brought to life. To think that in just one year we have danced to and celebrated over 23 sunrises in Cape Town, 4 in the Winelands, 18 in Johannesburg, 6 in Pretoria, 9 in Durban and 3 in London. Not to mention all the sunsets we’ve managed to squeeze in and celebrate too!

For those of you that are new to the SS movement and / or our No Danger community, we’re going to rewind quickly and share with you where and why this sunrise madness began…

The Secret Sunrise project was born in the African country of Zambia. No Danger and the elders of a local village launched it to help rejuvenate and inspire the community on a reforestation project and #ShareTheJoy with other members of the community. The essence of Secret Sunrise then, and now, is to have people celebrating the rising sun from various venues, to bring people together, and to create a sense of unity and freedom. The silent headphones and instructors provide the space for people to connect, love and engage in radical self expression… all to share compassion, kindness and of course joy.


With all of that being said, what we really just want to say is that we’ve been blown away by the constant stream of love and support that you, our No Danger community have poured out to us right from the start. We could not have reached this point without you, your energy and, most importantly, your joy. So thank you! Your support of our vision is endlessly appreciated. We cannot wait to share more joy with you in the years ahead. <3

Never been to a Secret Sunrise before? Now is the time to get involved! Choose a city closest to you and come get groovy with us…

IMG_2254Secret Sunrise Cape Town 

Secret Sunrise Winelands WC

Secret Sunrise JHB

Secret Sunrise Pretoria

Secret Sunrise Durban

Secret Sunrise Upper Highway KZN

Secret Sunrise London



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