Secret Sunrise



Dear Diary,

It’s me Jen again (The German Intern  🙂   ).

After a long phase of planning, calculating and organizing everything was set and ready for yesterday’s big day: the first SECRET SUNRISE. For everyone who hasn’t participated yesterday is probably wondering what a secret sunrise exactly is? You need: A great location to watch the sun rise, wireless headphones, DJ’s, dancing, smoothies and hell of a lot of cool people. The Outcome: smiles for days! We got such an incredible feedback on our event yesterday from all the participants and it filled us with such a joy to see you guys dancing, grooving, jumping and cruising around to the funkiest tunes. You might think to yourself now what a shame you missed that beautiful spectacle. But I have good news for you guys: it was only the first one and we want to create this special morning event once a month for our beautiful community. So make sure to contact us, so we can put you onto the secret sunrise database and contact you as soon as the next event is set, so you can secure yourself a spot.
Can’t wait to see you guys celebration sunrise with us again!

Lots of Love,
Jen and the No Danger Team


secret sunrise no danger diaries

secret sunrise no danger diaries



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