Secret Sunset: Mindful Edition

12745820_1058162480924230_2881737295786054832_n As the sun rises so it sets. As we’re already celebrating the sunrise we felt like we needed to honour the sunset too with an extra special, mindful edition to the Secret Sunrise series.

In collaboration with our friends Shift, we launched volume 1 of the Secret Sunset: Mindful Edition.

Perfectly situated on Camps Bay beach, this unique 2 hour evening was12717493_1116176715082618_8442065239944651058_n more than just a dance session. It was packed with an intention setting breathing workshop, guided meditation, a secret sunset session and fire dancing, all aimed at celebrating a beautiful summer sunset. And boy of boy, did we dance! For more pics click here.


If you’d like to join us for this intimate, mindful and conscious way of celebrating the setting sun, check out our Facebook page for Sunset Mindful Edition Volume 2 happening on the 30th of March.

To buy tickets click here.



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