Seeking: No Danger Rangers!

“Have fun and make a difference” – isn’t that the best combo you can imagine?

Are you Capetonian, or at least living around this vibrating piece of earth?

Is your joy overflowing your crazy soul and are you craving a team, just as freaky as you, to spread it all around with?


Then grab all of your spirit and crazy ideas and become the manifest for a better world: a No Danger Ranger!

No Danger Diaries is a social enterprise and our everyday mission is to #ShareTheJoy!                                                                                                                                                  

We do this through an adventurous Living List of tasks, which are sometimes reckless (ever abseiled from a Children’s hospital?), sometimes groovy (imagine shaking your hips to 50’s music in a Retirement village), and ALWAYS heartwarming! <3

…Need more inspiration? Kick back and have a look at our past Ranger-activity Kayaking.

If you want to be a superhero (we knowwww you want toooo 😉 ) please just give us some more details about you, so we can learn what your superpowers are! Fill in our form here.



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