Shelter Lockdown

12366217_1128821847143064_2042239811190601776_nThe best way that we gave back at the end of last year, was with our good friends Youth Solutions Africa and the event we held in order to raise awareness and funds for the homeless plight in SA – The Shelter Lockdown.

We ventured out of our comfort zones and spent the night in a Cape Town shelter to really reflect on they way so many of our fellow South Africans live every day.12373332_1128822043809711_5345785031041590469_n

The evening was an incredible celebration of what make us human as we connected with the residents of the Shelter, shared a meal with them and engaged in meaningful activities such as dancing, singing and drumming.

Watch this video for a tiny insight into what we experienced at this wonderful event: 

A huge thanks to Lee-Ann Olwage for some incredible footage of the evening which can be viewed here



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