Table Mountain Groovin’

Wow guys, we just have to tell you about one of our best Secret Sunsets to date: a beautiful dance atop none other than Table Mountain. With beats in our ears and miles of elevated earth beneath our grounded feet – we danced with our friends and we danced with the clouds!

A special power was witnessed that evening, when the amazingly powerful tool of Secret Sunrise was combined with one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. 200 wide eyed, excited participants gathered not knowing what to expect. And to be honest, describing what happened up there is difficult. What we can say is that it was a once in a lifetime experience that could not be replicated… Or could it?

We are so thankful for the incredible power of Secret Sunrise, and also for the blessing of living in such a beautiful and energy-filled country. We have been dancing with the rising sun for years now, but this dance atop Table Mountain has reminded us again of the power that Mother Earth can add to our dances. We will be grooving in the mountains again next week amongst the 12 apostles, and will continue creating events in beautiful places.

See the full album of photos here!


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