Task #10, Drive 100km in Reverse

Ever feel like you just want to rewind the past and make things a little better? Well we do, often, so we set our minds to realising this through task #10 of our Living List, “Drive in reverse for 100km”. Coinciding with our Annual Roadtrip, this task was something our team felt equally excited and nervous about. Had anyone ever done this before? Was is physically possible to reverse a car for this distance without the engine seizing up? How would our necks cope? How long would it take us? The questions were endless. The excitement on the other hand was building too and hit it’s pinnacle when, 3 days prior to departure, we received an unsuspecting call from some mates at Volkswagen, offering to sponsor us the sweeeeeetest ooze-mobile we’ve ever laid our eyes on. With such a smooth vehicle at our disposal, this task was starting to look more and more peachy.

shoot-1After a long (forwards) drive into the Karoo on Day 1 and some sunset yoga on our ooze-mobile to prepare our joints and minds, we woke on Day 2, ready to tackle some of SA’s most challenging desert terrain – backwards!

We split the 100km into manageable bite sized chucks. It went something like this – 7 team members, 14 kilometres per person, each averaging on about 30km an hour. Sho!

Sebastian took the first shift, and in typical Bast fashion, roared the car into the desert without breaking a sweat, using only his right side mirror. Matty was up next. He demonstrated a slightly different technique where by he stuck his entire head and right arm out the window – his neck suffered the most the next day! Gen and Justin used their review mirror only, Grant alternated between both side mirrors, Josh tackled the most challenging section and nearly steered us off a cliff, and Meg brought us home at sunset – 8 and a half hours later!


We begun our backwards journey with high energy levels and our car oozed only good vibes. 2 hours in we were faced with some challenging heat, terrain and rapidly shifting mindsets. We combatted the angst, however, with good tunes, wholesome snacks, a roadside river swim and an occasional pitstop to handstand. 

This task took our phrase #NotScared to a whole new level. 8.5hrs, 42°C Karoo desert heat and some very stiff necks later, ‘Drive 100km in Reverse’, was complete. We can’t wait to do it all over again! Shout out to Volkswagen SA for helping us bring this epic task to life!.


To see our video, CLICK HERE.



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