Tasks so nice we’re doing them twice!

Do you ever feel nostalgic about a past adventure that you can’t get off your mind? You would do anything to bring these moments back as well as the emotions connected to it. You’re afraid it is like reading a book the second time: will it ever be that captivating again as the first time you opened it and let yourself fall into the carefully expressed lines of the author? You know what? We feel you!

Last year we completed some outstanding tasks that we still think about a lot – with a big smile on our faces and a crazy inner cinema. So… why not travel back in time and make it happen again?! We are #NotScared to bring things up the past – and make it even more rad the second time around.

We know you’re just as excited as we are, so we won’t keep you friends in suspense any longer for what we’ve planned:

Prepare yourself for throw a 50s Party at a Retirement Village 2.0!

Maybe you have spotted our first 50s Party on our Diaries. Let’s just say: We we’re expecting a funny afternoon with the elder generation. What we actually got was so much more!

Heartwarming welcomes, old stories and above all, the blessing of learning some groovy new (old) dance moves made us want to do this amazing task again – and and maybe show off our new dancing skills as well. 🙂


But why do just one vintage version when there are so many other freaking cool completed tasks to re-live to  #ShareTheJoy?


So… get ready for Abseil off a building dressed as super heroes 2.0!

Jumping into superhero customs and abseiling from the roof of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital – sounds crazy, but hey, we are. And you know what? It was definitely one of our highlights so far!

To us, children’s smiles are the most beautiful thing in the world. We absolutely love spreading happiness to these kids who are so strong at such a young age – and besides, who doesn’t want to be a superhero for a day? So check out last year’s Abseil event, and get amped for version 2.0!

To get involved in any one of these upcoming tasks, don’t be scared to pop us a mail on hello@nodangerdiairies.com OR join our team of rangers here.



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