The No Danger Diaries Festival 2016

WOW! H15170843_1337301819615803_4594073038197297279_now do we even begin to describe the weekend we just had? Our biggest, most fun-raising event of the year, The No Danger Diaries Festival took place from the 18th – 20th of November and BOY was it one outstanding weekend.

The No Danger Diaries Festival offers a way to connect with fellow, like-minded humans in a learning and judgement free environment. The focus of the weekend is on being the best You that you can possibly be. The weekend saw an average of 2 workshops an hour, every hour, and the ability to #ChooseYourAwesome – this enabled guests to make the weekend whatever they wanted it to be.

Set on the beautiful Nidderdale Farm in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, we were able to host this festival as a chance to bring our No Danger community closer together. We left the festival after not only meeting loads of new people, but truly connecting with them (old and new) as well as exchanging new knowledge AND ways of having fun.

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The focus of No Danger Diaries, and this festival thereafter is simple, to Have Fun and Make a Difference. With activities like drum circles, rock wall climbing, tequila workshop, a beginner’s magic class, an amazing race, paint dancing, slacklining, animal communications and many more activities, we were able to achieve this goal. The beauty of this weekend lay in the way in which guests created their own kind of fun.15219996_1337306109615374_8473081675040139049_n

This year, in only it’s second year of existence, the NDD fest grew to a total of 450 participants – substantially more than 2015’s modest  Fun Factory. All of the proceeds of the event went towards helping No Danger continue #SharingTheJoy in 2017. For the full album of pics from the weekend, click here.

We learned, we played, we laughed, we danced. We are feeling so full the brim with joy after a weekend spent connecting and playing with some of the most open, mindful, and conscious humans we’ve met to date. If you didn’t attend this year, make sure you don’t miss out on joining the experience in 2017! We cannot wait to share more joy with you. 

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