Valentine’s Day with the Rangers

Hugs, kisses, smiles and love.. Valentine’s Day and No Danger go hand in hand. And who was more in need of some Valentine’s tenderness this February than our overworked, under appreciated water supply? This past Feb 14, we teamed up with some big-hearted Rangers, sealed 200 love letters with a tender kiss, and jumped on the back of the Silver Fox (Matty’s bakkie) to spread V-day love and some straight-up, ice-cold water knowledge.

We cruised around town and hopped off to dish out our love at the Sea Point Promenade and Clifton beaches, asking passersby some conservative questions (water conservative, that is)such as, “do you pee in the shower?” and “what’s the wackiest way you save water?” We also gave some savvy suggestions, like demonstrating with drawings the best way to shower (together… duh).

We had tons of fun connecting with Capetonians and chatting about how we can show some compassion to our environment. We feel so blessed to have 200+ beautiful valentines from all over the city, country, and world.. in addition of course to our #1 girl, Mother Earth.

Feeling left out and love letter-less? Or just want to hear our tips on saving water? Download your very own copy of our love letter here , sealed with a (virtual) kiss. And don’t forget to watch the video below!



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