Wanted: No Danger House

“You know, I really love what I’m doing. My work doesn’t feel like work. And so the Rocketship is not an office. It’s my second home with my second family and I love being here.” – Dan

Tuesday 12AM: All of the astronauts are sitting around a little table. Some on the couch, one in the furry chair and some on the floor. The mood is chilled and relaxed, and Dan, one of our original founders, just surprised us with some lekker fresh soup. It wasn’t a day like the others. In spite of the heat, there was something refreshing in the air: besides the soup, Dan also had some workspace visions in the backhand.

The current space that we call our Rocketship is an inspiring little room, unique and very comfy. The walls are covered with pictures of completed tasks, self-made pictures and posters. It’s like an entire artwork in which we feel very comfortable. But still, Dan has us dreaming about something bigger, something that feels even more like home: the No Danger house!

The No Danger House is our next step in No Danger office space. According to Dan’s vision, our new home should be an entire building with maximum capacity for individual fulfilment. We are dreaming of a big garden in which to grow our own vegetables, a lovely kitchen where we can cook them into delicious food to keep our minds and bodies healthy, a living space where we can sit together to eat and enjoy each others company, a big yard for some after-work kick-back braais, and several rooms where everybody feels welcome to stay. Interns and employees without a place to stay could even make a full-time temporary home of this future Rocketship.

Our new Rocketship won’t feel like an office, but rather like a second home that enriches the lives of each member of the lovely No Danger Family. After all, #SharingTheJoy doesn’t feel like work, but rather like our life’s mission. So why shouldn’t our Rocketship feel like a part of our lives, rather than a regular workspace?

Wow Dan, we’re so mind-blown by this idea. Although we love our current space and will surely miss our sweet soul Mary, who keeps us in line and reminds us to lock our doors, we can’t wait for this new chapter of No Danger to unfold!

Do you know a nice place for us to settle the No Danger House at? Then please pop us an E-Mail at hello@nodangerdiaries.com!



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