Workshop Fever

Incase you hadn’t heard, here at No Danger we really like to share Joy. In order to do this, we first have to make sure each of our astronauts is fueled up with overflowing joy to share. One of the ways we do this? Workshops from our very good teacher friends that we make along the way.

Have you ever been to a workshop solely about Joy? We have! Our dear friend and Joy Catalyst Nicola Jackman was sweet enough to host our whole team early this February at her home for an afternoon joy workshop. In the sun, grass and trees in Nikki’s beautiful back yard, we learned to play like children (by the way, Bast makes a beautiful princess, and little Gen a surprisingly scary monster), shout tongue twisters without hesitation, defend ourselves with only love, and so much more. What a rad way to grow our bond as fellow Astronauts while simultaneously adding to our individual reservoirs of love and joy. Thank you so much Nikki!

You could say that after our Joy Workshop, the No Danger family is a little hooked on learning. Luckily, the universe has brought us a Master of Behavioral Economics called Mr. Ruben Hazelzet, who is going to fill that workshop-shaped void in our hearts in just a couple of weeks. We are so stoked to get out of the Rocketship for a couple of hours to learn how to create sustained behavior change, and as Ruben puts it, “making everybody superheroes that share joy!”. Ruben, thank you for this opportunity, we can’t wait to learn!

Think you have some room to grow in the Joy department? We think we all do! Check out Nicola Jackman Productions and see how you can get involved in the TheUp JoymoVement!



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