Young in Prison

Everyone makes mistakes, especially kids. Sometimes though, people do something really bad simply because they’re out of options. Then once it’s done these kids are removed from society and labeled as ‘bad’ forever. This doesn’t sound so leaker to us. Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?yip1

That is why our organisation of the month goes to the Young in Prison foundation. They give out second chances like candy. And we love it! Most of the youths that the organisation work with have never been given a chance by anyone in their life. Young in Prison gives them an opportunity to learn skills and communicate better so they will have a better future.

They runs workshops ranging from sports to art to education. There are many basic skills that these kids have not been taught so any positive reinforcement works wonders. The idea is to allow these kids who have been separated from their peers an opportunity to rejoin society.

Then, when the kids behaviour starts to advance, they are then used as role models to guide the younger children in their rehabilitation process. How rad? The work that Young in Prison does helps create fully functioning adults instead of victims of the youth prison system.

Sound like something that pulls at your heart strings? Want to get involved somehow? You can reach them at or pop in personally at: 312 Victoria Road, Salt River. [Tel: +27 (0)21 448 5275]

We just love meeting all these epic change makers!yip4




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